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The future governance structure of TLIP aims to promote transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency in global trade operations.


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The IOTA Foundation, TradeMark Africa, the World Economic Forum, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, the Institute of Export and International Trade, and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation signed a Collaboration Agreement on 27 February 2024 at the World Trade Organisation's 13th Ministerial Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Governing Body
By pooling together the trade expertise and non-profit resources of its member organisations, we will build out the relevant governance framework and supporting organisation to make TLIP impactful on a global level. The structure will purposely be designed to foster collaboration among both government and industry stakeholders to drive policy change and establish an impartial ecosystem for global trade.

Trademark Africa

Trademark Africa

IOTA Foundation

IOTA Foundation

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

Institute of Export and International Trade

Institute of Export and International Trade

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

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Our Call for Collaboration

Our goal is to foster global partnerships that enable everyone to participate in international trade. The partners invite like-minded global trade actors to co-design the future of trade facilitation. Based on our experiences of implementing TLIP in Kenya and the UK, we welcome public and private entities to build on TLIP and develop it into a public utility infrastructure. We envision an open ecosystem where industry, government, and businesses can come together to drive meaningful change.


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The signing of the Teaming Agreement is this coalition's promise to be a responsive institute focused on the needs of every stakeholder in the supply chain. We are ready to transform international e-commerce, but we need all public and private entities in the global trade space to help us craft the policies and frameworks of the future.

- Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of IOTA and Chairman of the IOTA Foundation

Our collaboration with leading organisations underscores our commitment to sustainable and inclusive trade. We are proud of the development of platforms such as TLIP, through which we aim to dismantle barriers and foster innovation in global trade, empowering all stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the future of trade facilitation. We're achieving remarkable feats with emerging technologies, but taking this to the next level is about joining forces with these innovators and great collaborators.

- David Beer, CEO of TradeMark Africa

Exchanging information along the trade supply chain remains a real challenge. … Trust and structured collaboration will be key to scaling systems and approaches that work across many countries.

- Tim Stekkinger, Head, TradeTech Global Initiative at the World Economic Forum

We are proud to champion the creation of a neutral, inclusive digital infrastructure for trade. This partnership between key international trade organisations pools together a perfect mix of specialism, knowledge and the right balance of tech and trade experts to streamline supply chains and customs procedures. With the Trade Logistics Information Pipeline (TLIP) framework, we expect promising outcomes, including up to 80% cost reduction, processing times cut to one day, and a 35% increase in SME efficiency.

- Marco Forgione, Director General of The Institute of Export and International Trade

As a community, we keep promoting the pivotal role of technology in overcoming frictions to trade. Yet the reality remains that international trade continues to rely heavily on paper-based transactions. The introduction of TLIP marks a paradigm shift, utilizing distributed ledger technology within a collaborative, non-commercial framework aimed solely at easing the process of conducting trade in a secure and efficient environment. I am delighted that the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation is a leading player in this transformative venture.

- Philippe Isler, Director, Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

Re-imaging trade in the information age is imperative in making global trade work for all. Innovating a public global digital infrastructure for trade that is inclusive and green, that this partnership aims to achieve, resonates with TBI's core goal of reimagining how governments and states deliver services in the 21st Century.

- Frank Matsaert, Director of Trade & Infrastructure, Kenya Team, at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

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